Paranormal Blogs: New Hope by Glenn A. Segal

The second occurrence involves (a classic visage) a ghost. I was browsing at a bookstore in the town of New Hope Pa. Must have been 1980. I was searching for a particular volume, scanning the shelves. As I turned down another isle, a man caught my attention. When I glanced his way what I saw wasn’t a sharp image. Blinked my eyes and he cleared up a bit. He wore the uniform of a British Soldier, circa late 1700’s. His hair appeared reddish in color, his eyes dark, hidden in shadows that obscured his features. As I stepped in his direction, noticed a musket on his shoulder.

Just stood rigid for a spell, trying to decide on a course of action. Thoughts whirling in my brain, but no conclusive strategy emerged. I started to speak, ask a question. As I fumbled to grasp the significance, he disappeared. Not all at once, like poof. But as a gradual departure of lines and angles, until all that remained was an after image of his outline, followed by a jolt of vertigo.

When I finally broke out of a dream-like state, I asked a robust young lady behind the counter if she saw the soldier. I received a curious glance. Her lips peeled back slightly and she whispered “you’ve seen Jack?” Which aisle was he in this time?” I glanced back to where I just saw an image I could not explain. “Are you okay?” The bookstore employee demanded. “Sometimes Jack can disorient” she confided.


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