Jewish Blogs: The Truth About the Jews by Glenn A. Segal

THE TRUTH ABOUT JEWS The majority of people on this planet are jealous of us JEWS. Because we survived through the ages, intact.

That is why, since the beginning of recorded history, the Jews have been persecuted. Because we have The Torah, a torch of knowledge.

Fanatics want to hinder us, blame us. Knowing in the depths of their soul, we serve the greater good for mankind. Do I have to start naming the exalted members of this club? We are of a selective group that numbers between 19.000,000 and 30.000.000. That is only a quarter of a one percent. A mere fraction, and yet we are the cause of every war and are suspect of enabling pestilence to flourish.

I’ve had my share of epitaphs hurled at my people, myself. Screw you all. I am not wealthy, did not inherit a retail outlet or plumbing supply depot. So don’t you dare attach your tired clichés to my person.

Another talented Jew boy; calling himself Bob Dylan, recorded a song ‘Neighborhood Bully’ on his album ‘Infidels’, released in 1983. I would like to share this song with my brethren. This song puts it in perspective. Thanks Mr. Zimmerman.

Black, white, Christian, Muslim, North America, South America, Europe. Asia, Australia. You all have one thing in common. You actually believe that we are the dregs of this world. Maybe you don’t deal insults while associating with us, but baby as soon as the appropriate topic arises, you’ll hear: Dirty Jew, Kike, Jewish Bastard, Heb. It is easy to place blame, on a minority. And boy do we fit the role.

Do I believe in Heaven or Hell? Do I think there’s a separate entity called God; that watches over us. Rewards us, or punishes us, according to our acknowledgement of their existence. Uh uh, that story is getting old.

The info I’m relating will make some people angry. Boo Hoo They’ll have to get past it. In closing, we will not perish, if it means killing millions, hundreds of millions, that I’m afraid is our destiny. Shalom


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