Jewish Blogs: God of Abraham by Glenn A. Segal

We don’t claim to be the master race. But, we are not slaves and will not play the role as victims ever again. We do not shove our religion down anyone’s throat. We do not care who believes in our traditions or not. We do not claim that our religion is the only link to Has-Hem. We do not wish to dominate other movements we just want to mind our own business, practice our various skills in diverse communities.

We try to be peaceful and just. Often we fail in these pursuits. But who doesn’t? Converts do not interest us. Drumming our beliefs into the brains of our neighbors is not a priority. What we want is to extend our knowledge of the world and ourselves, reach wise conclusions and leap to break through theories. Sorry if we offend those of narrow mind and stifled imagination. I don’t sit and ponder violence. I work on improving myself in mind and spirit so I may rise to the challenges of this incarnation.

If what I seek is wrong, tainted, please explain my faulty premise, so I can navigate my aspirations in the right direction. Are we born to constantly attack those we covet? As we grow do we ridicule then shun those we fail to understand, not from the language-from motives.

We will be the first to ride the heavens on a spear of modulated light. The Jews will harness this great achievement that others will claim in the name of their God.

I question absolute opinions that leave no room for compromise. It is like saying, anyone who believes differently than me is inferior in my hierarchy. This closes off the path to the truth. I don’t personally care what anyone, I don’t know well, thinks, believes, that is their trip. If they like members of their own sex, great, go for it, I don’t need to know the details, unless it’s two hot redheads, sorry I couldn’t resist. If they look differently than me I am still open to discussing the many issues on which we can relate. I try to give anyone I meet the benefit of the doubt. If they prove to be asswipes, they cease to exist as far as I am concerned. This, is a form of time management that works for me.


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