Jewish Blogs: Abraham & Moses by Glenn A. Segal

They Were Prophet’s also You don’t ever hear of protests of people portraying them in a negative way. People didn’t burn a person for making fun of early Christian’s, Saints, the holy trinity, the apostles. Jews don’t care if you take Moses name in vain, or ridicule Job or King Solomon. Constituents of these writings do not act as dramatically to a negative depiction of their religious figures.

People associated with ‘the old testament’ do not ever, as far as I’ve heard, strive to convert. They prefer to tap into the next generation available in the twelve tribes.

Yes Abraham had his issues as did Moses. None of his prophets were without defects in character. As prophets and people we reach for perfection but always fall short. I believe even Jesus and Mohammed are not without faults of mortal existence it is built into the physical realm as is pain and pleasure.

Yes, but the spiritual aspect of the Earth Plane allows the gift of forgiveness converting the healing power of an advanced entity. The prophets of all times possess the same attributes, namely patience and perseverance these are saintly ambitions that constitute miracles in practice. So these men of a higher calling all seem to be spouting the same message. The will to change yourself or the universe lies with willpower or self control. With patience, perseverance and forgiveness anything is attainable in body and spirit.

Why are fellow human’s ultra sensitive about what others think or believe about creation theories, historical events, what religious entities are right or wrong. What difference does it make what non-believers say or do. As long as they’re not blowing themselves into the next rodeo.

I have a problem with historical or biblical figures that are described as well balanced individuals and operate from noble motives. Who behaves like that in this imperfect place of shadows? Prophets in the future will attempt the noble task of enlightenment. Will they succeed? Have they advanced over the millenniums? Is a prophet of these times , better equipped to supply the wisdom needed to attain nirvana?

Ladies and men, what is the measure of success, here in the staging ground of possibilities. Can a true prophet of the cosmos lead the flock to greener pastures?


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