Consciousness Blogs: The Grail by Glenn A. Segal

What the hell is consciousness? Thank you for asking, one of the key questions, that needs answering in this realm. We all have this matter to resolve.

Does it have to do with being aware of your surroundings, or is it tied in with understanding the reason you are. Yes, a heady topic. But, you know me. Can’t leave this subject alone. I enjoy, dragging these concepts out on the front lawn, then flogging them for content. Why not explore the eternal mechanisms of existence?

Let’s look at it from another perspective. Know this, the majority of people on this planet do not recognize a few basic truths. They function on the premise; I am a son or daughter that exists because of my mother and father. To fulfill my obligation I must produce off-spring, provide my mate and children with a measure of necessities and comfort, while receiving payment for time spent earning these conditions.

I may subscribe to a religious organization, as merits, my location and status yet never really face the reality of death except at funerals and while planning retirement. God is a concept I accept but fail to understand, and that is alright. These entities have reached an agreement with themselves, in which contemplating the reason and breadth of the cosmos is not their forte. These are the armies hampered in material offerings.

These are the hordes of consumers feeling electric satisfaction when they buy convenience. This society has welcomed them into a lifetime where sports, television, coveting thy neighbor and worrying about the price of keeping ahead of the calendar, take precedence, over why they were born into this maze of choices. They are ensconced in the game of survival.

I am not passing judgment. Let them follow that path and good luck to them. It does not bother me anymore. I have learned to identify what situations will bring me closer, and which endeavors are wastes of my precious time. Being aware, you realize there is much to do, with the meager years allotted.

Okay, now we can get back to consciousness. To me this is the grail. We wade in this cosmic energy soup, anxious to not get our proverbial hair wet. Most, are forever distracted, unable to appreciate the internal landscape that feeds our desire to go deeper and explore the true nature of our being. We are scared to push the barriers of knowledge, imbedded in our psyche.

Instead of sitting on your thrones of foam and wood, wasting hours, arise and discover your purpose. Use the ether of creation as a tool to find the path. Achieve what you are here to illuminate or rectify. That is purpose, Karma, completion.

Most of you are not awake. It is not your choice, to embrace material aspects of this realm-instead of moving toward completion. A delay tactic much like lawyers in our present judicial system.

The network we all operate through-the substance that carries our thoughts from transmission to reception. Will address this topic later in the year. I hope this canvas of black and white will get those internal motors whirring, in the contemplation of your personal journey. Feel free to comment on this subject. But please, do not ask me about my relationship to that scoundrel Glenn A. Segal, or his preposterous novel ‘PSYCHEDELIC PROPHET’. If you persist I will be forced to seek council, with the Law Firm, of Silver, Gold and Diamond. And reader, you don’t want to mess with those (asswipes), sorry I meant lawyers.


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