Consciousness Blogs: Higher Consciousness by Glenn A. Segal

We have to turn and examine what’s happening around us. I mean as a whole, a race of cognitive entities. Step back from your stance, your busy life, the pursuit of narrow pastimes that entangles your energy. We are here for a specific reason. Free will is destiny in disguise.

The goal of this incarnation is not to acquire gold, silver or Rolls Royce Touring vehicles. It is to spread the way of light by giving your hours to people and causes that really matter. You are not successful as a man if you are able to beat others into submission. You have not learned anything worthwhile if you still believe the insights forged by intelligence, enables you to lie, cheat and steal from people (you believe are beneath you).

What this concept entails is a tremendous shift. A cataclysmic upheaval exposing a flawed society. This is not a military issue nor political theatre. Devout Christians, Muslims, or Jews, will find little solace in their former traditions which are rife with adulation for all things material.

What, you don’t agree? Okay let’s examine the evidence. What materials are the holiest of holy artifacts fashioned from? If your guess was gold, rubies the finest parchment, then you get the idea. How about the stained glass the Catholic Church uses to this day, the chalice, donations, what about alms. These concepts tie, worship, proper conduct, with material aspects of this existence.

Our entire culture revolves around organic substances commanding worth. Gold diamonds and silver all have other intrinsic value from conductors to various components that will not wear down, to shiny stones that cut through other carbon based materials.

These various forms of matter possess an obtuse energy field that over millennium have symbolized-wealth, status, and success, as rare minerals the Earth produces in limited quantities. Does that imply they are truly valuable, just by their finite quanity?

Yes, I am told (often) that what I speak about; write is fantasy. Never will happen. A society must have money. Nothing can be gained without a system of value to define a purposeful existence. It is difficult to change your perspective on every aspect of what we believe to be true.

Producing an income is an oxymoron. We need to create value by using our natural abilities to assist our neighbors in their pursuits. Maybe we use our precious time to bake meat pies, breads and pizza which can be traded for milk, fresh meat and grain.

Maybe you are a bricklayer in need of bread and baked goods. Here is the baker in need of another oven. The bricklayer has the skills and the intension to provide the baker with a fine brick oven.

Perhaps this is an over-simplification of a bartering society in practice. This will not be easy. This kind of adjustment might very well be what happened to past cultures. After a shift such as this, those people would not be recognized by their former incarnation and might be labeled extinct.


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