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General Blogs: Gravity by Glenn A. Segal

General Blogs: Gravity by Glenn A. Segal

Every morning when I awake from my slumber and attempt to join in this long term project we call living; a peculiar thought assaults my senses. It has to do with a force we call gravity. While sleeping the natural law fades into the background, its grip subsides. My legs drift from place to place without the tug of this menacing force. In my dreams gravity takes a well-deserved holiday.... READ MORE

General Blogs:Acting Ghetto by Glenn A. Segal

Sorry folks for the downer but I have to broach an issue that continues to amaze and confuse me. It is a phenomena that is contrary to the continuance of our species. I liken it to Fascism. Shoving your personal opinions down the throats of free citizen’s. Snuffing out their own aspirations. The excessive noise pulsing from otherwise humorous vehicles.... READ MORE

General Blogs: Controlled Substances by Glenn A. Segal

The hypocrisy of our society boils my blood yet causes me to grin like a sick hyena. The war against drugs, my ass. As I observe the blatant prescribing of chemicals to treat symptoms, not cure the patient. And of course these modern day crutches become highly addictive following their hosts to the retirement facility. How do you separate the substances that are warranted, from... READ MORE

General Blogs: Death as a Transition by Glenn A. Segal

The way things are set up here, death is a big deal—a major event in our concept of reality. All the aspects of this life hinges, like a plot, on this outcome. The significance of our demise drives our ambitions, supplies motivation for achieving goals imbedded in a time scheme. Been thinking about the structure of this realm. Studied many philosophies and religions to grasp what is evident—READ MORE

General Blogs: Lonliness by Glenn A. Segal

You come into this amusement park called life, alone, suffer, laugh, suffer some more, and die. That is a diminished reality we call living. Everything else is an illusion. We fool ourselves daily. We believe in couples, groups of people. We count on families, governments, places of worship, the society in general. What a crock. We seek company in this chaotic place between deaths, we... READ MORE

General Blogs: Bring Back Quualudes by Glenn A. Segal

Okay we all agree, our society, our very way of living is in jeopardy. Unemployment, corporate greed, prices for healthy foods, fruits and vegetables are streaking out of reach. This country is a land of haves and have not’s. Brothers and sisters fail to communicate due to small discrepancies’ of opinion. Parents and children are separated by a gulf of technology.—READ MORE


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