General Blogs: Gravity by Glenn A. Segal

Every morning when I awake from my slumber and attempt to join in this long term project we call living; a peculiar thought assaults my senses. It has to do with a force we call gravity. While sleeping the natural law fades into the background, its grip subsides. My legs drift from place to place without the tug of this menacing force. In my dreams gravity takes a well-deserved holiday.

Upon surfacing from our dreams and sleep the eternal force reasserts itself. The mother of all physical activity; gravity, is the great equalizer. It pulls on white, black and anyone in between without prejudice. The more you weigh, the more you must pay attention to your constant waking companion.

Every move you make, every breath you take, involves gravity. The greater part of luck, yes, in my humble opinion depends on a basic natural law. Whether we’re talking dice or timing. Even cards succumb to the magnetic field. During cognitive hours we cannot escape her stony embrace.

The blood coursing through your veins and vessels runs against this infernal drag. Heart, lungs and brains operate by its graces. Whenever we stand, our whole body is rebelling against the status quo. And let’s not forget her precocious cousin inertia.

The only recourse to this penetrating field is Spin and Modulation if the vibrations are aligned I believe this is a viable direction in the pursuit of gravity autonomy.

Spin describes the vibration of movement. Modulation refers to sound waves leaping octaves. More about this discipline to follow. Thanks GS

Enjoying these mini-essays. You will experience another journey between the covers of ‘Psychedelic Prophet’ an Urban/Sci/Fi mystery novel with a Grateful Dead Twist.

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