General Blogs: Death as a Transition by Glenn A. Segal

The way things are set up here, death is a big deal—a major event in our concept of reality. All the aspects of this life hinges, like a plot, on this outcome. The significance of our demise drives our ambitions, supplies motivation for achieving goals imbedded in a time scheme.

Been thinking about the structure of this realm. Studied many philosophies and religions to grasp what is evident—in order to absorb my role—what I must do to enable a transition to a higher vibration.

Once we cross the barrier, our (ka) or basic energy is guided by an over-soul (sort of a pre illumination nurse-maid), who shows us the proverbial ropes of the lower realms.

When we exchange from a physical to spiritual being we review our choices; reached while existing in the material world. How did we treat other entities on our journey of enlightenment? Did we show both patience and perseverance in dealing with other humans whose relationship could not benefit us? Had we sacrificed comfort for action so others found comfort?

Depending on previous incarnations a recently unencumbered soul enters the spiritual realm as a vibration of possibilities. Those who are novice entities, must review then rectify faulty decisions, invalid conclusions reached during their last journey through the Earth Plane.

What? This sounds unlikely. You prefer the stories from the Old or New Testament better. You actually believe in Heaven and Hell. That one sufferer takes the heat for all mankind. That your only participation (deals with the belief) letting Jesus take the blame for your actions and that will assure your salvation? Just doesn’t seem fair. Or do you believe Yahweh is concerned about your conduct and exacts revenge? Allah cannot wait until you die a martyr; he’ll put you up in a luxurious brothel for eternity. Come on people, you have to do better than that! In my novel ‘Psychedelic Prophet’ I explore these pressing issues and more in an attempt to have readers question the status quo.

My novel chronicles a Messenger from God, as he recruits disciples and launches a new religion that spreads across the planet like a mutated virus. His temples of enlightenment are called ‘Spheres’ and soon dot five continents.

This discipline is based on interpreting vibrations emanating from the Creator. In these endeavors the Messenger is assisted by Jesus and Jerry Garcia. This modern day prophet practices Spin and Modulation a discipline that allows his Ka to negotiate the countless tributaries flowing among naked souls contemplating long lasting existence.

He travels through an inner space as deep as the outer universe is boundless. Using aligned vibrations, transporting ones consciousness’s across any distance is possible. The Messenger visits Sloan, in the astral plane, with her progress Sloan is able to ascend, the thread that has no end, secure the spiritual incarnation of Jerry Garcia. If you enjoy these blogs please order a copy of my first two Novels titled ‘The Messenger’ and ‘The Sphere’ available on this site.

Thanks GS

Enjoying these mini-essays? You will experience another journey between the covers of ‘Psychedelic Prophet’ an Urban/Sci/Fi mystery novel with a Grateful Dead Twist.

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