General Blogs: Controlled substances by Glenn A. Segal

The hypocrisy of our society boils my blood yet causes me to grin like a sick hyena. The war against drugs, my ass. As I observe the blatant prescribing of chemicals to treat symptoms, not cure the patient. And of course these modern day crutches become highly addictive following their hosts to the retirement facility.

How do you separate the substances that are warranted, from detrimental illegal capsules? Depends on who profits I suppose. The pharmaceutical houses are tied into insurance companies and banks just as sure as cocaine cartels are backed by well-informed capitalists.

If you are over the age of forty, I can guarantee when they force you to visit your primary doctor or nurse practitioner (great idea), you’ll be diagnosed with either diabetes; high cholesterol, carpel tunnel or cancer. I hope it’s not the latter, but in every scenario they will order a regiment of wonder drugs to alleviate your symptoms for the immediate future.

The characters that run the show want you hooked on pills, sedated, swollen, and satisfied. They want you sitting for hours in a semi-trance, consuming advertisements for more medication, tucked between the latest reality spin off.

Am I paranoid, a conspiracy theorist? Maybe? But, can you relate to the alternative. We are headed for an age where the powers that be, will try to control every aspect of your life through programs that are implemented to produce mindless consumers.

We cannot allow this to happen. Too much is at stake. Our very freedom hangs in the balance.

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